A 10k walk for an ice cream

Day five of the Slaw’s North Yorkshire adventure. Yesterday they arrived at Cayton Village CAMC campsite and an afternoon of catching up with friends was enjoyed (with one or two beverages imbibed 🀣)

It was a lazy morning with only a trot around the campsite dog walk for the pooches. Another bright blue sky and sunshine, but bitingly low temperatures. Mrs Slaw was now pretty desperate for a quality holiday ice cream, so they decided to walk along the Cleveland Way from Cayton to Scarborough to frequent the famous Harbour Bar. A journey via road of about three miles.

Picking up The Cleveland Way at Cayton Bay.

The Cleveland Way runs 110 miles from Filey Brigg to Helmsley. The section the Slaws took was well signposted and very well defined. Mrs Slaw felt quite giddy with life. It was so good to be out walking in the fresh sea air with the sun on her face (although she did get a sunburnt face yesterday πŸ”₯) The gorse was magnificent against the azure blue sky and the heady scent of coconut was pungent in the air. Slaw was transported back to holidays many years ago when all the young ladies used to use Hawaiian Tropic sun lotion 🏝

Magnificent golden gorse against azure blue skies.

There was hardly a soul about and this meant there was wildlife in abundance. A kestrel hovered above, fixated on his lunch somewhere on the ground. A heron flew, long and lazily, over the rock pools in the bay, and a roe deer was nonchalantly grazing in the undergrowth seemingly disinterested in the Slaws excitedly peering at her through binoculars from the cliff top.

Roe deer in the undergrowth zoomed in on a mobile phone, hence very poor quality photo πŸ˜‚

The Cleveland Way has many different facets keeping your interest and delight as each corner is turned. Cliff tops, dingly dells, steep ascents and descents, wooded glades, links golf course and short sections on the road. Magnificent views over Cayton Bay and Scarborough South Bay. Cayton Bay with its raw natural beauty and South Bay overlooked by the infamous Grand Hotel and Scarborough castle.

Cayton Bay.

Prince William and The Cottingham Cowgirl enjoyed racing round on South Bay beach, chasing, rolling and splashing in the sand and water. Okay, only the Cowgirl did. The Prince came off the beach looking as pristine as when he went on and the Cowgirl looked like a Gremlin!

The three mile walk ended up being nearly six! With up hills and down dales of the Cleveland Way, but it is a footpath well worth taking and Mrs Slaw finally got her quality ice cream. Although the Harbour Bar is only doing takeaway and no sundaes, she tucked into a fabulously creamy, dreamy, delight of a strawberry swirl cornet. Heaven πŸ₯°

Happy Mrs Slaw with a strawberry swirl cornet.