A lazy day on the NC500

It’s day 5 of our Scotland Road Trip and day 3 of the NC500. Yesterday we arrived in Badachro and free camped in the village car park after spending a lot of money at the distillery and the pub 😳

Today has been a very lazy day. Six o’clock and Mrs Slaw was wide awake (it’s Monday morning, but no work 🥳) She held off getting up until sunrise and eagerly went outside to watch. Alas, no sun 😢 It was so peaceful and calm. A lone heron gracefully crossing the bay; his grey plumage perfectly in tune with the cobalt and indigo hues in the water. The bay was like a mill pond; the boats’ reflections sharp and clear. The midges were a pain though, so she went back to bed! An hour later, the bedroom blind was raised and we were greeted with a glorious view across to Badachro distillery.

Morning view in Badachro

We took our time getting ready this morning. Slaw sent the drone up and cooked sausage sandwiches outside and Mrs Slaw did some cleaning. Why? Goodness only knows! Within minutes, Prince William and the Cottingham Cowgirl had dragged half a field in with them again 🤦🏻‍♀️ We left Badachro for Gairloch. A very short journey of six miles and we parked in the Gairloch Estate car park. There are numerous walks from there, including the Flowerdale Glen waterfall walk. Mrs Slaw spotted a bin in the car park. Hallelujah! Prince William’s poop that has been riding in state in the garage due to a lack of bins was ceremoniously dropped in!

Mrs Slaw, true to form as a control freak, had booked a glass bottomed boat trip on Loch Gairloch. Slaw knew this, as it was in the colour coded itinerary in the plastic wallets in the folder 😜 It was practically a personal tour as there was only Slaw and the Mrs, one other couple, and three dogs on the boat. Tim was such good fun! He did everything possible to make the trip enjoyable and memorable. It was supposed to be a one and a half hour trip, but we were out on the Loch for three hours! We saw sea urchins, anemones, fish, starfish, seals, razorbills, cormorants, gulls and guillemots to name a few. Unfortunately, the white tailed eagle was not to be seen today, but we did see a pod of around 30 dolphins feeding in the bay. It was an amazing sight!

Dolphins in Loch Gairloch

A quick spot of lunch in the harbour, watching the boats selling their catch on the quayside. Then off on another short journey of around 12 miles to tonight’s free camp. En route, we called at Gairloch Community Centre and Mrs Slaw bought Hamish the Highland Coo; he even moos! Prince William doesn’t know what to make of Hamish and Mrs Slaw is now ensuring that Hamish is well out of reach of Prince William!

Hamish the Highland Coo!

We’ve arrived at tonight’s spot; Firemore Beach. The sands are supposedly red and spectacular. At the time of writing this blog, it’s cold and wet out there. The weather is supposed to pick up tomorrow – to the heady heights of 15 degrees! Totally tropical 🌴 Mrs Slaw might even wear shorts 😉 So, it’s time to batten down the hatches for yet another night snuggled up in the warmth of Helga. We’ve got food, beer, wine and Phoenix Nights on box set. Tomorrow is another day on the NC500 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🚍

A very wet Firemore Beach

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