King of Hearts

To break up our journey from Holmfirth to Great Yarmouth we looked for a motorhome stopover. Slaw found the King of Hearts; a village pub in West Walton near Wisbech. A quick phone call and it was agreed we could park in their carpark overnight. We arrived and parked up in the spacious, level, gravel carpark. Entry to the pub from the carpark was through the carvery area which was not in use at the time and looked like a store room – not very welcoming. At the bar, no sign of any staff. Customers advised us ‘he’s gone to get ice, but he doesn’t know the recipe!’ The landlord, Nigel, appeared and was very welcoming.

The pub was a very nostalgic trip back to the 1980s. Red velvet upholstered dark wood furniture on an Axminster carpet. Light fittings with fake candle and dripping wax bases. A copper fire hood and horse brasses. Ashfield and Simpson ‘Solid as a rock’ playing. My bubble was burst by a chino and Ralph Lauren clad young man asking ‘can I get a coke and a lager and do you have a card machine?’ No please, thank you or any sign of manners or cash!

We ordered the Friday night steak deal. Two sirloin streaks and a bottle of wine £25. Wine choice – Liebfraumilch (yes, really!) Rose or red. We chose red. Ah, no bottles of 750ml red in the pub, so we had to have three small bottles of merlot. Surprisingly a drinkable one. So disappointed the place mats in the dining room were not ‘Hunting scene’, but they were pictures of the church next door – nice touch. 

Our meal was very, very, nice. Slaw is renowned for sending steaks back, but this was devoured with pleasure! I took in more of the surroundings whilst listening to Mel and Kim ‘Respectable’. Fleur de lys wrought iron work and bulls eye glass panes in the doors. Sadly, in our time in the pub, there were only 15 people through the doors. I would be surprised if it is still open next year.

Our bill? £35 for the steak meal deal, two bottles of Peroni and a G&T. No complaints from us.